The average cost of rent in Canadian cities for May 2019 (MAP)

The average cost of rent in Canadian cities for May 2019 (MAP)

According to Padmapper, Eight out of 24 Canadian cities saw an upward trend in rental prices, three decreased and 13 remained the same.

“While more than half of the total cities continued to have flat monthly growth rates, the cities that experienced an upward trend actually more than doubled when compared to the previous rent report,” said Padmapper.

“As the hot moving season begins, we should expect to see rents grow on a monthly basis.”

The top five most expensive markets in Canada remained mostly unchanged for the past month, Except Victoria, BC was pushed out of fifth place by Barrie, Ontario.

Yet again, Toronto was on top for the most expensive rent out of any city in the country. This month Toronto's rent barely dropped by $10 to $2,250.

Two bedrooms remained the same at $2,850. Padmapper notes that one bedroom rent is up 8% from last year.

Vancouver, BC had the second most expensive rent in Canada. One bedroom prices rose up 1.4% to $2,130. Two bedrooms barely decreased by 0.3% to $3,090.

Burnaby, BC remained in third place. Like last month, one bedroom rent remained flat at $1,570. Two bedroom rates grew 1.3% to $2,280.

Montreal is the fourth most expensive market but one and two bedroom rents both stayed stagnant at $1,470 and $1,710, respectively. One bedroom rent in the city saw a 14% increase on a year over year basis.

Barrie, Ontario pushed Victoria out of fifth place. Barrie’s one bedroom rent increased by 4.3% to $1,440. Two bedrooms were flat at $1,400.

Once again, Windsor, Ontario saw the largest growth across all of Canada as the price of a one bedroom apartment increased by 5.3% to $800.

The $800 one bedroom rate also makes Windsor the cheapest city for rent in the country.

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